Ron Schmidt’s “Spoked Pieces” are a striking testimony to his craft.
Each piece begins as a single spoke and flourishes into a vast arrangement of nails, limited only by what space allows, seamlessly connecting at a central point. Ultimately, each one of these pieces will strike you as a borderline optical illusion.

The abstract nature of these beautiful pieces even plays with our depth perception, as they can vary from a single layer, to as many as eight!
True to Ron Originals’ standards, all these pieces are available in various sizes to fit any room’s décor. Optional hanging hooks are also available on spoke pieces, except for the round ones. They are also lightweight enough to make hanging them on your walls simply a breeze; you won’t even need to locate a wall stud to hang them!
Ron’s Originals even offers custom work, so you can order a truly special piece, made with your specifications and Ron Schmidt’s decades of experience and craftsmanship.

Don’t wait any longer to have one of these gorgeous pieces adorn your room. Order online today!

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